Electronic Deadbolt Biometric Lock Lighted Keypad Touchscreen (8635302)

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The Honeywell biometric lock offers keyless convenience with simple touch of your fingerprint will unlock the door. Interior Thumbturn for easy unlock and lock. Back lit illumination is perfect to access using the touchscreen.

  • Voice guidance provides clear instructions during operation

  • Grade-2 lock meets industry security standards

  • Keyless fingerprint entry for convenient and secure door unlocking

  • Interior Thumbturn for easy lock and unlock from the inside

  • Backlit touchscreen with illumination for effortless access

  • 50 fingerprint and ID codes for personalized access control

  • Programmable touchscreen for customization and easy code management

  • Hidden emergency key access as a backup option

  • Bump protection enhances security against lock-picking techniques

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