60min Fire & Water Hanging File Chest - Legal Size 1.06 cu ft (1112)


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2 colors | 1112


Protect important documents and valuables from theft, fire and water damage with a Honeywell security chest. This tough-as-nails security box features a lock-and-key entry system and heavy-duty insulated plastic with reinforced corners. Designed to hold letter, A4 and legal sized hanging files and documents, as well as flash drives, currency, and other personal items.

Featuring a UL 1-hour fire protection rating, this chest will keep contents safe from fire damage for 1 hour at temperatures as high as 1700°F / 927°C. In addition, a 24-hour waterproof seal is verified to keep contents dry, even when submerged to 39” / 1m.


Package Includes:
(1) 1112 Waterproof & Fire-Resistant Security Chest
(1) Installation and Operation Guide
(2) Entry Keys

Interior Dimensions:
10.2 in. H x 15.0 in. W x 12.0 in. D
259.08 mm H x 381 mm W x 304.8 mm D

84 lbs /  38.10 kg

Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty and Lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee


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