Electronic Deadbolt Lighted Keypad Touchscreen


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2 colors | Matte Black

Matte Black
Satin Gold

The Honeywell door lock is available in sleek Satin Gold finish and Matte Black finish, both finishes enhance your home's curb appeal. The back lite touchscreen illuminates with one touch for keyless convenience. Traditional Key allows for emergency access.

  • Auto Handling feature for seamless and effortless door operation

  • One-Touch Locking enables quick and convenient locking with a single press

  • One-time Use Codes provide temporary access for guests or service providers

  • Auto Lock functionality automatically locks the door after a specified period of time

  • Touchscreen with light bar indicator offers visual feedback and user-friendly operation

  • Failed Attempt Alert notifies you of any unauthorized access attempts

  • Vacation Mode allows you to disable certain features when you're away for an extended period

  • Sound Enable/Disable option for quiet operations and customized user experience

  • Bump Protection adds an extra layer of security against lock-picking techniques

  • Available in Matte Black and Satin Gold

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